I don’t believe in Karma. But —

This is going to be a weird post, but just go with it. 

My father died. 

I know this because today I received, in the mail, a small check from his wife with “distribution” written on the memo line.  There was nothing else in the envelope.  It took a quick minute of Googling, and there it was – his obituary from May.  I won’t link to it.  I am not sure he deserves it, and there’s no sense in advertising my actual name too broadly.

He took off on us when I was younger, and I lost the house I lived in, after he insisted that it be sold.  He held his wealth over our heads (those of my mother and I).  She was a housewife getting divorced in South Carolina to someone who had done all the outside-the-house work.  How do you think THAT divorce settlement treated her?  But he always offered me the chance to leave HER and move in with HIM.  Thanks, father, but I think my mom had enough men abandon her in her life.  I stuck around.

Fast forward through many years of lean living, including a time sleeping in my car, some student loans, summer jobs, and here I am, a moderately successful DOJ lawyer with only non-visible scars, but a penchant for dick jokes. 

He and I had virtually no contact for 25 years.  And today, out of the blue, when I need money to pay for a lawyer to keep MY kid from being scarred from a horrible custody fight, a check lands in my mailbox.

I don’t believe in Karma.   But I do find the coincidence quite fascinating.  

P.S.  I’m also strangely unsettled by my reaction to this news tonight.  If this isn’t one heckuva capper to an already crazy week, I shudder to think what is coming.

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