Deleting Twitter Replies, Part Two (includes dirty little secret)

One of my more popular posts involves “Why I delete my @ replies on Twitter” and still stands as my Twitter philosophy about keeping a clean TL.
It’s also done by social commentators (Ricky Gervais, for one), and plenty of Twitter comics, both successful ones and burgeoning ones.  But, as I pointed out before, you also see us rank-and-file Tweeps doing it too.  Our TLs are just rants, jokes, blog posts and RTs.  We are clearly in the minority, however.
Anyway, all of this is to say:
So the fuck what?
Really, what does anyone care how –I– use a –free– Social Media portal?  I recently had two examples (good and bad) of people’s reaction to this, which prompted this update.

But note at the end of the update, I will share a Dirty Little Secret(tm) of Twitter, so stay tuned!

1.  A twitter user, Kristy, noted that my replies to her disappeared after a day or so.  I linked my original blog post to her, as well as noting my blurb, and she was fine.  I mentioned to her that I didn’t want to offend, and she just said, “Hey, use Twitter however you want.”  How enlightened!
2.  A different twitter user, “Mr. X,” complained.  I again linked to my system, and he disagreed, saying that Twitter might as well drop the “Social” from “Social Media.”  That might be true if my tweets were private, and I had zero followers.  Then it’s hardly social.  
But his flaw is that HE is defining what makes something “social.”  What if I don’t tweet that often?  Am I using Twitter “correctly” for him then?  What about Foursquare, GetGlue, or even automatic RunKeeper posts.  If someone does those (and ONLY those), I’ll unfollow, but I would never begrudge someone’s decision to DO the tweets. That’s because it’s THEIR account.  They’re communicating publicly (eek!  SOCIALLY!) how the WANT to communicate.
Twitter is, for me, a micro-blog.  A way to get stuff off my chest, whether it’s an attempt to be funny, to rant, or to just have a mini-say without turning it into a full-blown blog post.  Replies are, at their heart, a personal conversation that I don’t mind being overheard.  But they’re not someone’s RIGHT to have left up there.
If how I use social media bothers you, please unfollow.  Life’s too short.  But if you think I’m going to adjust how I use this free communication service to fit your view of how things should be communicated, you’re really overthinking this whole thing.  I’m having fun, what do you care if I am?
P.S.  I realize there is the notion of this affecting things like “Klout” scores.  To that, I say:  I’m sorry your parents didn’t love you. 
Ok, here’s the Dirty Little Secret I promised:
People “Mute” on Twitter.
That’s it.  People MUTE some that they follow.  I don’t.  Hell, I don’t even use a Tweet app like TweetDeck, TweetCaster, or whatever.  I just use the native Twitter app.  I follow as many people as I can keep up with, just under 250.  Update:  I’ve downloaded TweetBot, so I can mute hashtag games, Foursquare, GetGlue, etc.
I see you out there, people who follow 800, 900, or even well over 1K tweeps.  You’re muting.  Because you can’t realistically follow that many people.  I laugh at the bots and/or “Social Media Experts” who follow me, and are following 5K, 8K, or (in one case) 26K (!!) people. Yeah, you’re interested in me.  Like I’m interested in each grain of sand on this Maui beach.
So if you’re going to go nuts over people tweeting chaff, or not tweeting at all (reading instead), why not go nuts over the people who, you know, AREN’T ACTUALLY FOLLOWING YOU WHEN THEY CLAIM TO BE?
I don’t care.  I actually FOLLOW the people/entities I’m following.  If I’m following, I’m interested.  When I lose interest, or if the person just tweets chaff, I’ll bail.  If I think that a person has me muted, and/or is only reading their own mentions, I’ll bail.

But here’s what I won’t do:  Go on Twitter and demand that they change how THEY use the service.  Because, whether my parents ever loved me or not, I have a life outside of The Internet.  And it’s spectacular.

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